The first question I get asked when someone finds out that we bought the Bull Run is, "Will you be making any changes?"  YES!  We will be making will happen over time, but you should start to see subtle changes immediately!

  • We will be experimenting with specials for lunch and dinner, and hope to have a full menu change by late March.  Be sure to Like our Facebook page so that you stay informed of these specials!
  • We will be bringing in new wines and spirits - move over, beer!
  • There will be phased remodeling, starting with the Tap House side (new bathrooms, cosmetic changes, new dining furniture).
  • Remodeling to the back dining room will include the creation of a private meeting space that will accommodate up to 30 people.
  • By fall 2017 we hope to be serving breakfast in the side dining room, as well as start our catering business.

Thank you for your support as we work to incorporate these changes.  We hope you'll stop in often to spot the differences!